Message By H.e. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President Of The Republic Of Turkey, On The Occasion Of The 93rd Anniversary Of The Proclamation Of The Republic Of Turkey

Addis Ababa Büyükelçiliği 29.10.2016

Today, October 29, marks the 93rd anniversary of the foundation of our latest state, the Republic of Turkey proclaimed under the leadership of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

The Turkish nation, which has never given in to bondages and dictations, crowned the war of liberation that it launched against the invaders targeting its liberation and future with a heroic victory unprecedented in history.

After this glorious victory, on 29 October 1923, we established the Republic of Turkey on the principle of “sovereignty belongs unconditionally to the nation" and with the aim of raisingournation above thelevel of contemporary civilizations.

We consider our Republic as an achievement of our 2200-year old state tradition and one-thousand-years of Seljuq and Ottoman heritage, attained under the difficult conditions of those days.

The Republic of Turkey has progressed by overcoming all the difficulties it has faced during these 93 years and, thanks to recent breakthroughs in particular, it has now accomplished to stand among the rising powers of the world.

Turkey, with its growing economy, strong democracy, its commitment to fundamental human values and principled and visionary foreign policy, continues be an inspiration to its region and to the World also today.

The recent events that took place on the night of July 15, 2016 reaffirmed beyond any doubt how the Turkish nation is unified with its state.

That night, our nation demonstrated to the whole world that it would fight against the new invasion attempts as resolutely as in the War of Liberation.

The tenacity of the Turkish people, who defended fiercely its freedom, democracy, government and state, using their body as a shield against the arms of FETO member traitors are our greatest assurances on the path to achieving our 2023 vision for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

I am honoured to be the President of this great State and heroic nation.

I believe that, wherever they are in the world, all our citizens and friends are proud of the epic which was written on 15 July by our nation.

We have reached the 93rd anniversary of our Republic after having overcome such a crisis which was not only a coup attempt and terrorist attack but also an invasion attempt.

My fellow citizens and friends, be assured that Turkey is a stronger, more astute and more resolute country today than the morning of 15 July.

No attack against our unity, solidarity, brotherhood, homeland, liberation and future will ever be successful.

Neither terrorist organizations nor the ones exploiting them will be able to prevent us from achieving our goals.

With these feelings and thoughts, I cordially congratulate all our citizens living in Turkey and abroad on the Republic Day.

We commemorate with gratitude and blessing all our veterans, particularly Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, the founder of our Republic, who devotedly fought to make these territories our homeland, and all our fallen who sacrificed their lives for this cause.

I extend my deepest gratitude to our heroic nation protecting the heritage of our ancestors, and to all our friends supporting us by their prayers.

Happy 29 October Republic Day!

Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN


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